LSCI is trauma-informed care in action! Alex Cameron, Director of Clinical Services, Pressley Ridge

What Professionals in New Hampshire are Saying About LSCI Training

We love hearing from our training participants! Here’s what people in New Hampshire are saying about their recent LSCI training, offer by Senior Trainers Karen Turcotte and Alan LaBranche:

“I will use this DAILY with all of the students I see.” (Awesome! They will appreciate your attuned listening and insight-oriented strategies.)

“More staff members should take it!!”
(We agree!)

“I have already started approaching students differently!” (Terrific. Using LSCI is the best way to get good at LSCI!)

“When dealing with a child in crisis, I feel better equipped to de-escalate their behavior and get their perspective on the situation.” (Yes! That’s exactly our goal!)

“I feel more confident in my ability to help students.” (You are now more competent, which gives you more confidence. Thanks for your great work!)

To bring LSCI training to your school or organization, please email or visit our Live Trainings page for more information.