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The LSCI Institute has a Group Curriculum to Use with Kids!

Have you ever thought about teaching LSCI concepts to your students or clients?  Not how to carry out a 6-stage reclaiming intervention, of course, but rather how to recognize troubling patterns of behavior BEFORE they spiral into no-win situations?

The LSCI Institute offers a ready-made, easy-to-follow, 8-session Group Curriculum that teaches kids about self-defeating behaviors and how to avoid falling into these troublesome patterns.  Using engaging discussions and hands-on activities, the program is the perfect tool to help put adults and kids on the same page when it comes to reflecting on troublesome behavior.  The LSCI Group Curriculum is also an ideal tool for any professionals working to integrate LSCI into their classroom or therapeutic milieus.  With different workbooks designed for child and adolescent ages, the lessons are versatile, flexible, and fun.

Best yet: LSCI-certified professionals are eligible to receive a $100 discount off of the cost of this program!

Read here to learn about how one school utilized the LSCI Group Curriculum.

To read a sample chapter from the Group Curriculum, click here.

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