LSCI is trauma-informed care in action! Alex Cameron, Director of Clinical Services, Pressley Ridge

Jim Teagarden

I was [recently] able to complete the LCSI training with the WAREA. I felt I needed to take a few minutes and share my personal reaction to this experience. For over twenty years I was a classroom teacher in a small rural special education cooperative. The students that were assigned to my classroom were identified as having emotional-behavior disorders and presented many different challenges for both the school and myself. I was repeatedly recognized as excellent teacher and yet during most of those days, I realized that many of the times I was just treading water so as to speak.

After completing the course and spending some time reflecting on the skills and processes of LSCI, I’ve come to the conclusion that this was the missing piece. It is my sincere wish that I’d have had this skill set during those years in the classroom. I believe that life would have been better for many of those challenging students that are still stuck in my head all these years later. On the positive side, in my current position as a teacher trainer, rest assured that the foundation of LSCI will be a key component to the class I teach titled “Intervention of Emotional-Behavior Disorders”.

In addition, many times I have an opportunity to serve as a consultant to local school districts in designing or redesigning programs to support student with challenging behaviors. The LSCI process will play a critical role in these situations.

Thanks once again for this valuable experience.