The Angry Smile: Dealing with Passive-Aggressive Behavior

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Easy-to-read with clearly written examples, featuring techniques to confront and address passive-aggressive behavior. The Angry Smile offers real-world examples and practical tools for dealing with passive-aggressive individuals.

The authors have spent more than four decades studying the psychology of this behavior in both clinical and educational settings. They offer clearly written insight and understanding of its roots plus empowering strategies for dealing with passive-aggressive people in all aspects of life: in marriages and other relationships, at the workplace, at school, and even online.

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User Reviews

· August 10, 2018

Learning about this not only helped my job, but understanding of my marriage.

· August 9, 2018

What makes The Angry Smile so valuable is the cognitive road map ot provides for not only understanding the nature of passive-aggressive behavior but also how to effectively confront it.