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Post Certification 1-Hour Review Sessions


The Life Space Crisis Intervention Review Sessions provide 12 step-by-step lesson plans, designed to refresh small groups of already-certified LSCI practitioners in selected concepts related to LSCI. Each one-hour curriculum includes a current article, case example, or handout based on a fundamental LSCI interview or skill. Participants are assigned to read the material and/or complete assigned questions either prior to or at the beginning of each session, then participate in a guided group discussion. Review sessions can be completed in any order.

LSCI Review Sessions may be led either by a certified LSCI Trainer or by a certified LSCI practitioner.

This item is available for purchase only to those who have completed the LSCI Certification course. To verify course completion, please enter the Coupon Code, provided by your LSCI Trainer, in the Comments Box in the ordering area.

LSCI Review Session topics include:

  • Choices in Managing Behavior
  • Cognitive Traps
  • Defense Mechanisms
  • Validating Responses
  • I‐Messages
  • Useful Phrases During an LSCI Interview
  • The Red Flag Reclaiming Intervention
  • The Reality Rub Reclaiming Intervention
  • The New Tools Reclaiming Intervention
  • The Symptom Estrangement Reclaiming Intervention
  • The Massaging Numb Values Reclaiming Intervention
  • The Manipulation of Body Boundaries Reclaiming Intervention

For more information on the LSCI Review Sessions, please contact Signe Whitson at

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