New Senior Trainer Starter Kit



The New Senior Trainer Starter Kit should be ordered by Master Trainers when a Senior Trainer Candidate has completed Levels 2 & 3 online and has completed at least one co-training event. The New Senior Trainer Starter Kit will provide the prepared candidate with all of the materials they need to train the LSCI course catalog, including:

Printed copies of ALL Trainer Manuals for each LSCI Institute course
Affiliation Agreement*
Augustana College Forms
Website-Use Instructions
The Angry Smile
Conflict in the Classroom
Conflict Cycle Poster
Senior Trainer Certificate**

*The Master Trainer should review the Affiliation Agreement with the Senior Trainer candidate and e-mail a copy of the signed agreement to Signe Whitson.

**The Master Trainer will award the Senior Trainer Certificate once the candidate has successfully completed the entire LSCI 501 course requirements.

Note: Affiliation Fees must be paid separately. The Annual Affiliation Fee is $500/year. Fees are paid on a 3-year cycle. The LSCI Institute pro-rates these fees, based on the date during which a new Trainer joins a renewal cycle. Michelle Deming will bill Senior Trainer candidates individually for Affiliation Fees, based on their start date.

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