LSCI Skills for Parents PART 2: Managing Challenging Behaviors PARTICIPANT’S MANUAL


This Participant’s Manual accompanies Part 2 of the LSCI Skills for Parents. The curriculum offers training for parents and caregivers who have completed Part 1 of the training and are interested in going on to gain additional knowledge and skills for helping kids overcome six patterns of self-defeating behavior. Part 2 of the curriculum is designed as an 8-session program, with one session dedicated to each of the six self-defeating patterns, along with an Introduction and Conclusion session. It is not recommended that this curriculum be presented within a single day. The Managing Challenging Behaviors curriculum does not teach parents and caregivers how to conduct an LSCI interview, but rather identifies six common, chronic self-defeating patterns of behavior and provides a consistent 4-step process that helps parents effectively address and modify each one.

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