LSCI Group Curriculum



The eight-session LSCI Group Curriculum teaches child and adolescent students and clients the basic concepts of Life Space Crisis Intervention. This social-emotional learning program helps young people learn about self-defeating behaviors and how to avoid falling into these troublesome patterns.

The LSCI Group Curriculum is also a helpful tool for LSCI-certified professionals trying to integrate LSCI into their classrooms and therapeutic milieus and also as a tool for counselors looking for easy-to-use, engaging group activities to run with young people.

The LSCI Group Curriculum Facilitator’s Guide walks group leaders step-by-step and session-by-session through eight unique aspects of LSCI for Kids. Facilitators may use either the Group Handbook for Children or the Group Handbook for Youth, depending on the writing and comprehension abilities of participants.

  • The Group Handbook for Children is designed for participants with more limited capacity for self-reflection and/or writing skills.
  • The Group Handbook for Youth is designed for participants who are able to engage in some self-reflection and independent writing.

Click here to read the results of a study conducted at the Northwest Village School in Plainview, CT on the use of the LSCI Group Curriculum with a group of students, ages 13-18.

Please contact Signe Whitson at to request a sample chapter from the LSCI Group Curriculum or for any other questions about the use of this program.

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