LSCI 401: LSCI Certification Training Participant’s Manual PRINTED COPY


The LSCI Certification training teaches both foundational and intervention skills for reaching out to young people and turning problem situations into learning opportunities.

In addition to the skills taught in Talking with Students in Conflict, participants will learn:

•How to carry out all six of the LSCI Interventions to bring about long-term behavioral changes in young people. In addition to the Red Flag and Reality Rub interventions, participants will learn:
•How to help young people who have the right intentions but lack the social skills to be successful
•How to help young people who are purposefully aggressive with little conscience
•How to help young people who act in impulsive ways due to feelings of shame and inadequacy
•How to help young people who become entangled in destructive peer relationships

Materials include:
•A comprehensive Participant’s Manual covering the training and techniques
•The text Life Space Crisis Intervention: Talking with Students in Conflict
•Downloadable Certificate

This item is the printed copy of the manual. Copies will be professionally printed and shipped to the address listed when you place your order. To select the downloadable option instead, please select the LSCI 401: 5-day Certification Training Participant’s Manual:DOWNLOAD product option.

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