Passive Aggressive Behavior in Children

Many of us have a love/hate relationship with all of the useless bits of information that can be found on Facebook. While the heat intensity of a friend’s coffee, the naughtiness of a a neighbor’s pet, or an endless series of alternative facts may not be worthy of our time, we keep scrolling on for the occasional gems of daily life…such as this one.

Recently, a mother posted these photos of her attempt at punishing her son for his aggressive behavior toward his sister…and then posted his passive aggressive response (photos posted with permission):

Mom gives 8-year old son a simple writing assignment as a consequence for his aggressive behavior.  He is to write “I will not hit or kick my sister” 15 times on a piece of paper:

Then, the 8-year old son counters in this most passive-aggressive way:  “I will always hit and kick my sister 15 times.”

This is a must for inclusion in the LSCI Institute’s next Angry Smile training!

For more real-life examples of passive aggressive behavior from children, adults, and online, please check out the all new Angry Smile book, here:

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