The LSCI Institute offers training to meet the unique needs and challenges of parents and caregivers. Based on the book Parenting the Challenging Child: The 4-Step Way to Turn Problem Situations Into Learning Opportunities, the LSCI Skills for Parents & Caregivers training:

  • Provides specific skills for building more positive relationships with kids
  • Teaches proven strategies for de-escalating stressful situations
  • Provides a reliable 4-step framework for turning common problem situations into lasting learning opportunities

2-hour Training for Parents & Caregivers

This course presents fundamental LSCI concepts such as the Conflict cycle™, effective listening, conflict de-escalation, and “Timeline” skills through engaging activities and discussions that are relevant and accessible to parents and caregivers.

Full-day Training Parents & Caregivers

This course includes all of the content from the 2-hour course and, in addition, identifies the six most common patterns of challenging behavior in kids. The full-day training provides parents with a consistent 4-step process to address and modify each pattern, giving attendees the opportunity to practice the 4-steps and receive feedback on their new skills.

Both 2-hour and full-day training participants receive a copy of the Parenting the Challenging Child text along with a comprehensive course manual.

To find an LSCI Skills for Parents Trainer in your area

Please visit our Available Locations page or email to arrange to bring a Trainer to your area for groups of 10+.