Welcome back to LSCI training!

Thanks for your ongoing interest in the advanced skills of LSCI and for taking advantage of this opportunity to refresh your knowledge of our interactive, therapeutic strategies for turning crisis situations into learning opportunities for children and youth with chronic patterns of self-defeating behaviors.

As you recall, LSCI views stressful incidents as opportunities for learning, growth, insight, and change. Our non-physical intervention program combines evidence-based practice with the most up-to-date brain research and principles of trauma-informed care, offering a multi-theoretical approach to behavior management and problem solving. LSCI training provides professionals with a roadmap through conflict to desired outcomes using crisis as an opportunity to teach and create positive relationships with youth.

The online LSCI Refresher Training: Level 2 provides in-depth instruction in the fundamental skills of LSCI, including:

  • The differences in psychological worlds between helping adults and kids under stress
  • The impact of chronic stress and traumatic events in the lives of young people
  • The brain’s role in driving repetitive and predictable patterns of self-defeating behavior
  • Helping kids bring language to emotion
  • The LSCI Conflict Cycle
  • Effective interviewing skills
  • The skills of Drain Off
  • How to Conduct a Timeline
  • Correcting Common Pitfalls of Stages 1 & 2
  • The Diagnostic Cues of the Six Reclaiming Interventions
  • Identifying the Central Issue
  • How to Effectively Carry out the Insight Stage of LSCI
  • Teaching New Skills
  • What Kids Need during the Transfer of Training Stage
  • The Double Struggle

Online Course Format

  1. The LSCI Online Refresher Training: Level 2 is a video-based course. Following the simple registration process (see link below), you will gain access to 19 training modules, each presented via video by an LSCI Master Trainer.
  2. The course is not timed; participants are free to watch the modules on their own schedule, and may re-watch each module as often as desired. It is highly recommended that the modules are viewed sequentially, however, as the course information builds on itself from one module to the next.
  3. Upon registration, you will be able to download the Participant’s Manual and Study Guide for the LSCI Refresher: Level 2 course.
  4. After viewing all of the video modules in their entirety, you will gain access to a multiple choice exam. Participants must score a 90% or higher in order to pass the exam and complete their Level 2 certification. The Study Guide will prepare participants to successfully pass the Level 2 exam.
  5. After completing the LSCI Refresher course, you will earn your Level 2 certification in LSCI. You may then opt to move on to certification levels 3 & 4

Getting Started

  1. If you are logged in and have completed level 1, click the link below to register for the LSCI Online Refresher: Level 2 training. If you are not logged in you will see a note about signing into your account to verify that you have completed level one. From here you will also be able to add the passcode if you have completed the live training of level one.
  2. Once your registration is complete, you will receive an email notification of your order details and your login information.
  3. When you have successfully completed the course and passed the multiple choice exam, you can download a Certificate of Completion for the LSCI Online Refresher: Level 2 course.
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Continuing On with Levels 3-4

Upon successful completion of Level 2, you will be eligible to register for Levels 3 & 4 of the LSCI Online Refresher Training. These increasingly advanced levels are available for participants who are looking to deepen their understanding of LSCI and work towards their Senior Trainer certification. Please be sure to print your Level 2 Certificate of Completion, as evidence of your eligibility to attend the more advanced levels.

If you have a group of 15+ and prefer to have an LSCI Trainer bring the live LSCI Refresher Training course directly to your organization, please check out our International Training Sites link to find a Trainer in your area. You may also contact Signe Whitson atsignewhitson@lsci.org to be connected with a Trainer who can meet your scheduling needs.


If you have any questions about the LSCI Online Refresher Training, please e-mail Signe Whitson at signewhitson@lsci.org.