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Welcome back to LSCI training!

In this level, participants submit (via digital upload) video footage of their teaching the LSCI Conflict Cycle and a second concept, as assigned via the course. Participants will also upload a written synthesis of their use of an LSCI intervention with a child or youth.

This level of certification provides an opportunity for you to demonstrate your understanding of advanced LSCI concepts as well as your ability to teach and write about these concepts for others.

Level 4 certification in the skills of LSCI is achieved by:

  • The completion of Levels 1-3
  • Submission of two brief videos in which you explain the LSCI Conflict Cycle and a second foundational concept of your choice.
  • Submission of a written synthesis of your use of an LSCI intervention with a child or youth.

Getting Started

  1. Click the link below to register for the LSCI Online: Level 4 training.
  2. Once your registration is complete, you will receive an email notification of your order details and your login information.
  3. As soon as you are logged in to the Level 4 course, you will have the ability to upload the video of your teaching of the LSCI Conflict Cycle. It will be reviewed by an LSCI Trainer and feedback will be provided to you. It will NOT be published on the internet or made available for public viewing outside of this internal review process.
  4. You will also select a second, foundational concept from a drop down menu of choices for your second video. After filming this video, you will be able to upload it for review, using the same process as described above.
  5. Lastly, you will be able to submit your written synthesis, detailing an LSCI intervention with a young person.

Course Fee: $25.00 for participants of National Training Sites,  $99.00 for non-NTS employees.

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Sign-Up, Start, or Continue with Course Training

Existing users can login here and we will automatically check to see if you have completed level 3.
All Training sessions feature a series of videos and a specific set of questions from the exam as well as a survey for course evaluation.

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Continuing On with Senior Trainer Certification

Upon successful completion of Level 4, you will be eligible to attend a Train the Trainer Conference, led by a Master Trainer from the LSCI Institute.

This final level of certification is reserved for candidates who are interested in pursuing their certification as a Senior Trainer for the LSCI Institute.


If you have any questions about the LSCI Online Refresher Training, please e-mail Signe Whitson at