LSCI is trauma-informed care in action! Alex Cameron, Director of Clinical Services, Pressley Ridge

“My interactions with students in crisis have already improved.”

An IEP teacher from New York City had this to say about her recent LSCI Certification training:

Your comments about the Trainer(s):
Trainers were excellent. They clearly presented the information and answered any questions.

Describe the significant learnings you are taking away from this course:
I feel my interactions with students in crisis have already improved. I was able to apply skills and have a deeper understanding of my students in crisis while taking the course and I look forward to applying all the skills now that I have completed the course.

How do you see yourself using the information and skills you’ve attained?
I am already implementing skills I have learned in my classroom and with my own children at home. I feel I am a better listener and able to see beyond the initial behaviors of a student in crisis and help with the deeper issue.

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