LSCI Training Opportunities During COVID-19

The LSCI Institute continues to provide high-quality professional development and training programs for professionals and parents, even during this time of social distancing and stay-at-home orders. Please check out these opportunities and share them with colleagues who can benefit from training in the advanced skills of LSCI:

Since 2014, the LSCI Institute has been offering online training to meet the scheduling needs of our customers. Participants may complete courses from work or home, on their own schedules, via our video-based modules, presented by LSCI Master Trainers. We offer the following courses as online trainings.

Introduction to LSCI

The Angry Smile

Level 2: LSCI Refresher Training

COMING SOON: The LSCI Conflict Cycle Paradigm (Check back soon for course registration!)

If you are interested in attending the full LSCI Certification training in upcoming months and/or had registered for a live training event that had to be cancelled due to COVID-19:
Please contact Signe Whitson to learn about about our live events that can be completed through Google Meets, Zoom, and other interactive meeting formats. While live training will always be our primary way of delivering certification training, we’ve found creative ways to effectively deliver the training online–including use of role-play! Email for details or to connect with a certified Senior Trainer.

Please also checkout our online Bookstore, stocked with fantastic resources ready to ship to your door!

Be well!

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