LSCI is trauma-informed care in action! Alex Cameron, Director of Clinical Services, Pressley Ridge

LSCI Training Offers Practical, Trauma-Informed Skills

We love the feedback we get from our participants. Over 95% of our participants give LSCI the highest possible ratings. The most common comment we receive is, “I wish I had taken this when I first started my career!” Here’s what else people are saying:

“This class truly opened my eyes to a more effective form of diffusing situations. I believe this class will be extremely beneficial to me moving forward with my career.”

“Awesome- the Trainer really knows her content and has demonstrated how she can expertly use it in real life.”

“As a middle school teacher I can see myself using a lot of the techniques for drain-off given the time constraints I face with my students. This will hopefully allow the students to return to being productive members of their class until a time when a full-blown interview can take place.”

“I learned how to better phrase things and not place blame, but rather try to understand all perspectives of the story.”

“This information will help me to positively and effectively help children to navigate their feelings, behaviors and learn new ways to deal with future occurrences.”

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