LSCI is trauma-informed care in action! Alex Cameron, Director of Clinical Services, Pressley Ridge

LSCI Training in South Dakota

Congratulations to professionals in Huron, South Dakota who just completed the LSCI 401 Certification training with Danielle Theis!

Here’s what our participants had to say about their experience:

The training was great. I feel like I have more knowledge know and I can make better decisions. I will be able to help the student a lot more now.

They should have this training again next year for the rest of the school staff.

Awesome trainer!

I see myself using this information with students who are struggling with emotions and inappropriate responses.

Danielle was superb.

It is significant for teachers to respond to kids using the 6 stages of LSCI. It makes sense and will help kids to have a more positive experience when they face conflict.

She was supportive and insightful. Danielle was engaging and encouraging.

This trainer is amazing. In most trainings, the time drags on but in LSCI, the eight hours flew by. Danielle is expressive, funny, down to earth, and relates to everyone in the room. She is able to bring real-life situations and scenarios that make class interesting and applicable. She makes it comfortable to participate in uncomfortable situations.

I will change the language I use in school to create a culture for my students where they can learn the skills they need to help improve behaviors.

I want to tell everyone in my building about this! I see myself using it with my special education students for many situations.

I think it’ll be effective with my students and that they will respond well.

I now understand that I need to listen more than I need to talk, especially in the drain off stage. I also understand that my style of responding to kids in the past hasn’t necessarily been the best way to handle the situation. I am equipped with wonderful new tools to handle my job better.

I will use these skills in my daily interventions with students. It will help me relate to where the kids are coming from and how I can better serve them.

Danielle was so real. She gave us real-life examples and helped us act out the scenarios.

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