LSCI is trauma-informed care in action! Alex Cameron, Director of Clinical Services, Pressley Ridge

LSCI Training in NYC and Pennsylvania

This month is just half over and already we’ve certified over 100 participants in the skills of LSCI. NYC Schools and KidsPeace National Centers in PA have been our most active training sites this September, offering both the full certification training course and our 2-day Talking with Students in Conflict. Here’s what participants from both sites are saying about LSCI:

Describe the significant learnings you are taking away from this course:
Implementation of de-escalation, with use of interview skills such as Drain Off and Timeline.

I will be able to better handle a situation when the client is upset.

Some of the significant learnings from this course are the understanding to let the client(s) identify their emotions and then find the root of their emotions. Emotions are instinctual for all human beings and we are triggered by circumstances we experience within our environments. By focusing on clients emotions and allowing them to speak, we are able to to connect with clients more effectively.

The importance of the process of draining off a student’s intense emotions before trying to process an event.

I have learned how to de escalate situations and find out roots of problems.

How to talk to kids in a more effective way.

You must LISTEN before speaking if you want to really be effective with students.

How to respond to crisis and determine the origin of the stress.

I really learned how to work with children during crisis. I learned the different types of crisis and how to apply the conflict cycle.

How do you see yourself using the information and skills you’ve attained?
I am absolutely sure I will use these skills especially since I will work directly with our clients who will need my skills and knowledge in helping them to identify their feelings which is the foundation of their behaviors

I will feel more comfortable in applying the skills that I have learned in this training when the client’s behavior escalate.

I will use these skills anytime I am working with an angry or upset client.

This will be my go-to approach for de-escalating clients.

I see using the techniques when working with a client going through a crisis.

I see myself being able to help out clients by getting their full story.

I work in a middle school and these skills are a necessity!

When students are in crisis I am called, so I will use what I learned to de-escalate and help the student toward positive behaviors.

What would you change about this course?
Nothing…..EXCELLENT !!!!!!

I would like to learn even more!

I would like to complete the entire certification course!

The training was perfect.

To bring LSCI training to your school or treatment organization, visit our list of available courses and email to arrange scheduling!