LSCI is trauma-informed care in action! Alex Cameron, Director of Clinical Services, Pressley Ridge

LSCI Training in New Hampshire

Our participants from Londonderry School District in New Hampshire were asked about the most significant skills they are taking away from their LSCI Certification training. Here’s a sampling of what they had to say:

De-escalation techniques, active listening, speaking to students in a tone that is understanding, how trauma affects the neurological growth of the brain.

One take away from this course would be the importance of finding out a timeline, so you can figure out the central issue. I have already tried a timeline on one of my own students. It is very helpful.

This course helped me to understand what strategies to use depending on the intervention needed for each type of behavioral episode. Knowing how to effectively drain off and develop an accurate timeline is especially important to have in my tool box due to the population of students I work with. I will use these strategies everyday in the program I teach in.

This course has brought more attention to why students’ behave the way that they do. I will be using this day to day both with the special education students and general education students.

I am taking away a deeper understanding of the fact that children are often coming to us with outside issues that we are not even aware of. I feel that I have many more strategies that I can use in dealing with their issues and helping children to begin to overcome their self-defeating behaviors. I can see using several of these interventions with my first graders.

I now have a better understanding on how to talk to children in crisis.

This class has given me strategies to talk to various students in my classroom who have numerous meltdowns a day.

Great Job! I felt like this program prepared me to better help my students process and understand behavior. The role plays were very helpful to see how the skills can be used in a real situation.

This will better help me to process with students so that they can understand their own behaviors and how it affects others.

Thanks to our Trainers Karen Turcotte & Alan LaBranche for providing a great learning experience for all.

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