LSCI is trauma-informed care in action! Alex Cameron, Director of Clinical Services, Pressley Ridge

LSCI Training at the KidsPeace Institute

Here’s what professionals from KidsPeace National Centers in PA are saying about our 1-day Introduction to LSCI training:

Describe the significant learnings you are taking away from this course:

To stay calm and try to be understanding in these situations.
I will utilize the skills to intervene if a crisis happens during one of my groups or activities.
The importance of listening to kids instead of assuming that you already know what happened.

How do you see yourself using the information and skills you’ve attained?
If a client is acting out in any way, I think I will now be able to effectively asses the situation
It helps me to utilize clinical skills with a new population.
Staying more calm during a conflict situation with a student

What would you change about this course?
Not a thing.
Nothing at all–I’d like to complete the full 4-day certification.

Your additional comments:
The training was insightful and helped me understand alot more
The trainers are very friendly and professional!
Jamie is excellent! She intersperses humor which helps make it enjoyable.