LSCI is trauma-informed care in action! Alex Cameron, Director of Clinical Services, Pressley Ridge

LSCI Skills for Parents & Caregivers

LSCI skills are invaluable to professionals as well as to parents. Check out what Janece Ferris, the Director of Foster Care at Release Ministries, shared about her LSCI training experience:

“It was a challenge to change my mindset in how I respond to situations, but I am finding myself doing this on a daily basis now. I am showing more empathy and focusing on relational skills with others. It has helped me relate to birth families and to gain their trust. I’ve also explained brain science to teenage girls, which they have found fascinating!

I am using this every day – in parenting a former foster child, in my relationship with my husband, in working with birth families in the system and teaching foster parents.”

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