Becoming a Senior Trainer for the LSCI Institute is a rigorous process. All of our Trainers are highly qualified. LSCI’s Master Trainers are trainers who have more than five years of experience teaching LSCI, have achieved consistently high ratings from participants, hold an advanced academic degree in a relevant field and have certified over 300 participants in the skills of LSCI.

Master Trainers are qualified to mentor and certify new Senior Trainers for the LSCI Institute. For more information on the requirements, process, and fees associated with becoming a certified LSCI Senior Trainer, please click here.

If you are interested in becoming certified as a Senior Trainer for the LSCI Institute and are looking for a Master Trainer with whom to complete your Trainer Certification, please view the list below. You may contact the Master Trainer directly to inquire about availability OR email to be connected with a Master Trainer.

MASTER TRAINER LIST (in alphabetical order)

Karin Blankespoor, The Netherlands:

Alex Cameron, Pennsylvania:

David Carrillo, Illinois:

Andrea Criste, Georgia:

Carol Dawson, New York City:

Gerrit DeMoor, Belgium:

Franky D’oosterlinck, Belgium:

Jennifer Dull, New York City:

Angela Emmett, Washington

Mark Freado, Ohio:

James Freeman, California:

Ken Kramberg, Vermont:

Benny Leesen, Belgium:

Robert Lopez, New York City:

Eric Mann, New Hampshire:

Deb McCarthy, Vermont:

Jim Natural, West Virgina:

Abby Potter, Maryland:

Michael Perry, California:

Donna Riter, New York:

Denise Schira, New York City:

Lisa Shepard, West Virginia:

Danielle Theis, Minnesota:

Tom Valore, Ohio:

Bridget Walker, Washington:

Joanne Wells, Vermont:

Jodi Whitcomb, Pennsylvania:

Signe Whitson, Pennsylvania: