LSCI Conflict Cycle Poster, NEW and Updated for 2018!

Check out our re-designed, updated Conflict Cycle poster!

Great for posting in classrooms, hallways, and offices to remind staff and students about the LSCI Conflict Cycle and the importance of understanding and ending escalating power struggles. Also effective for use with students and clients during LSCI interventions, to provide a concrete visual model of the elements of conflict and the places where conflict can be de-escalated.

These posters will be sold for $10 regularly.

order your copies for just $7.50

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One response to “LSCI Conflict Cycle Poster, NEW and Updated for 2018!

  1. Nicolas Long was my instructor and mentor at the Rose School Graduate Program of the American University in 1983. The methods of the Conflict Cycle and Life-Space Interviewing are what I have used for years in treating people with emotional issues. I am so happy to see the new design of the Conflict Cycle.

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