It’s 2020! Time to submit those Conference Breakout Session Proposals!

Hello LSCI Trainers,

Happy New Year to all!

2020 is going to be a great year for so many reasons–but especially because it’s a Trainer Re-Certification Conference year and we can all look forward to being together in Cleveland this August 3-5, 2020. If you have not yet submitted your Conference Registration Form, please do so today! Make sure to send it in ON OR BEFORE 1/31/20 in order to receive the 10% reduction in Affiliation Fees!

Also by the end of this month, we invite you to submit a proposal to present a 90-min breakout session at the Conference. In recent years, our Breakouts–presented entirely by LSCI Master & Senior Trainers (new & tenured!)–have been a real highlight. We hope that if you have presented before, you will offer to do so again…and if you’ve never submitted a proposal, you’ll strongly consider it for 2020! We all gain so much valuable knowledge from each other in terms of how we apply LSCI in our settings and how we use our unique knowledge of trauma, mental health, sensory strategies, discipline, documentation, self-care, training activities, video clips, role plays, social media, etc to enhance training.

If you have a topic in mind–submit a proposal! We’d love to feature you at our Conference. Here’s the link to the form on Google Drive:

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