LSCI is trauma-informed care in action! Alex Cameron, Director of Clinical Services, Pressley Ridge

“I will be able to use the reclaiming interventions daily with students”

This summer has been a busy one for the LSCI Institute! This week alone, we have completed trainings in eastern Pennsylvania, western Pennsylvania, New York, Michigan, and Minnesota.

Here’s what participants are saying about their LSCI training experiences:

“I will use all of this information to help a client de-escalate and find the root cause of their behavior. These skills will also help me help kids find positive alternatives the next time a stressful event occurs. I believe I can now have a better understanding of my clients which will allow me to have a better relationship with them as well.” —Rubye, Behavior Specialist, Perseus House, Erie, PA

“The significant learnings will so be profitable as staff implements the intervention strategies with students in conflict even if they are not in crisis. Listening to what students say in addition to what they are not saying with words is huge in this intervention as we discern what unspoken information can be decoded. Once that occurs the adult can help direct the student learn and then transfer appropriate behavior in instances where they demonstrated unacceptable behavior through their choices. I see myself using this in even simpler situations than crisis ones. This can be taken to living life in everyday situations even when people are distraught and behaving acceptably but could use a sounding board.” –Juliana, Teaching Assistant, RTI, Iroquois Central School District, New York

“I really feel this training will be helpful when interacting with my students and cannot wait to try to apply my new skills that I have learned. [The trainer] did a great job presenting the material and helping everyone feel comfortable taking the risk to interview and be interviewed. I feel this training will help me fine tune my interactions with students. One major takeaway is to slow down the process of having kids talk out events and really giving them time to process a stressful event. I often feel rushed in the school day, so it is hard to slow it down, but very necessary for children.” –Teacher, Iroquois Central School District

“The most significant thing to me was to realize that I can use crisis situations to help students spot and address errors in their thinking. In other words, crisis situation aren’t merely stressful and difficult, but they can be useful to the students.The trainers were both excellent. They were knowledgeable and addressed all our questions fully and ably.” –Substitute Teacher, Perseus House, Erie, PA

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