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In order to empower adults to intervene effectively when confronted with patterns of self-defeating behavior in troubled and troubling youth, the LSCI Institute has worked with universities, public and private schools, agencies, states, school boards and professionals around the world.  Since 1991, we have developed an extensive and growing network of National Training Sites that contribute to our mission of providing skills for helping adults to prevent and resolve crises, to build good relationships with challenging youth, and to help them learn to change repetitive patterns of self-defeating behavior.

For a list of our current National Training Sites, please click here

The typical National Training Site can be described as having:

  1. Recognition within their community as having a comprehensive and outstanding record of serving troubled children and youth
  2. A staff of at least 100 professionals
  3. A commitment to:
    1. Identify and train at least four staff members as LSCI Trainers
    2. Develop an LSCI Training program for their staff
    3. Sponsor at least two LSCI trainings per year
  4. A network of agencies and schools in their community for potential training
Our National Training Sites are responsible for approximately 70% of the professionals we train. The success of these sites has encouraged us to search for additional child-serving organizations that might be interested in becoming a National Training Site.

Our goal is to have at least one LSCI National Training Site in each of the 50 states and to continue to grow worldwide.

Learn Moreif you are interested in exploring opportunities to become an LSCI Training Site, please contact the LSCI Trainer who originally certified you in the skills of LSCI or Signe Whitson
Our network of Master and Senior Trainers are hand-selected from the dedicated employees of our National Training Sites. The following is a list of the typical criteria to be considered as a candidate for an LSCI Trainer:

  1. A Masters Degree in a relevant field (social work, psychology, education, etc)
  2. Two years of direct experience working with troubled children and youth
  3. Certification in LSCI
  4. Experience using LSCI for at least 3 months
  5. Co-teaching at least one LSCI Training under supervision of a certified Master Trainer
  6. Recommendation by the Master Trainer that the applicant has the skills to be a certified LSCI Senior Trainer.
While the curriculum for certification in LSCI is standard amongst all of our Trainers and Training Sites and the cost of materials is set, a one-price-fits-all for LSCI certification is impossible to quote because our trainings are tailored to meet the needs of our customers. Trainers take into account such variables as class size and training schedule as they are developing contracts.

Learn MoreFor pricing, please contact either Signe Whitson, Chief Operating Officer, or consult the list of National Training Sites to speak directly with the LSCI Senior Trainer closest to your geographical area. Once your needs are known, a price can be accurately provided.
LSCI is a 40-hour, competency based course. The curriculum for the training course is standardized so that all of our Master and Senior Trainers around the world train the same way. Recognizing that you and/or your organization has specific needs and availability, our Trainers and National Training Sites are able to develop individualized schedules.

Upon successful completion of the full LSCI course, participants receive a certificate acknowledging their lifetime certification.

For those who have completed the LSCI certification course and want Refresher or Advanced Certification training, the LSCI Institute offer 3 levels of advanced certification, via online training.

Please click here to read about available trainings. The LSCI Institute also offers online, 2 hour, 1-day and 2-day training options.

Please click here to browse our full listing of courses.

The certification program consists of up to five days of intensive training during which you will read a textbook and training manual, participate in a good deal of practice, and pass a practical exam to demonstrate knowledge and application of the skills. Successful completion results in a Certificate of Competency in LSCI from the LSCI Institute.

You will be guided carefully through the skills you need to successfully complete an LSCI Reclaiming Intervention. On one level we will provide intellectual learning. On the second level, you will see and hear crisis intervention on video tape, you will be involved in simulations and other small group tasks, and there will be modeling of the technique. The third level has to do with your skills–12 simulated role-plays, peer feedback, and self rating.

Our goal is to understand and use the Reclaiming skills of LSCI. We have found that many adults who work with troubled and troubling children and youth are not aware of how to use crisis as an opportunity for teaching and learning. Often students will say things or do things that take us by surprise; we freeze up and don’t know how to respond. This is why LSCI is so powerful. LSCI training will give you a cognitive road map with clear outcome goals for your work with kids.

Your full attendance is required to earn the LSCI Certificate of Competency.
Graduate Credits:
Participants can earn three graduate hours credit in either Education or Psychology through Augustana College of South Dakota for a cost of $300. You will be required to write a brief paper in order to earn the credit hours. If you would like credit, please discuss the specifics with your LSCI Trainer at the beginning of the training course. To view the course syllabus, please click here. (links to PDF of Augustana College syllabus)

Continuing Education Credits:
The LSCI certification course has been approved by the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) to provide continuing education.