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Dealing with Passive-Aggressive Behavior

The LSCI Institute offers both live and online training to shed light on the reasons people use passive-aggressive behaviors and the steps you can take to confront and change this behavior.

Here’s what one recent online course participant had to say about the training:

Describe the most significant learning you took from this course:
Understanding the reasons people use passive aggressive behavior was helpful for me in distinguishing between what could be considered “normal” times when people might slip into that behavior versus when people have a chronic behavior pattern. The entire section on counter passive aggression and how to break the passive aggressive cycle by changing my response to the passive aggressive behavior was very helpful.

How do you see yourself using the information and skills you’ve attained?
I’m in the workplace. It was really helpful to understand why that situation really breeds passive aggressiveness and how dangerous it can be to the work environment.

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