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The Conflict Cycle™ Paradigm

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A thorough understanding of the Conflict Cycle is an essential tool for any adult working with challenging children and youth.  In this 1-hour, video-based training, participants learn skills for understanding—and breaking—Conflict Cycles with kids.  The goal of The Conflict Cycle Paradigm training is to help adults recognize their central role in making students feel safe and supported enough to choose to talk about their feelings rather than acting them out in self-defeating ways.

Through the Conflict Cycle Paradigm training, participants will discover:

  • The underlying dynamics of conflicts between adults and young people
  • How to prevent power struggles that lead to explosive conflicts
  • How strong positive relationships between adults and kids can bring about behavioral changes

Online Course Format

  1. Following the simple registration process (see link below), you will gain access to The Conflict Cycle Paradigm video presented by Bridget Walker, Ph.D., LSCI Master Trainer and Educational Consultant.
  2. The course is not timed; participants are free to watch the video on their own schedule, to start and stop it as needed, and to re-watch it as often as desired.
  3. Upon completion of the video, participants are asked to submit an online course evaluation.  Once the evaluation is received, the LSCI Institute will email a Training Certificate.
  4. Workshop fee: $19.99