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The LSCI Bookstore features the three LSCI textbooks (Talking With Students in Conflict, Conflict in the Classroom, and The Angry Smile) used in our training courses, as well as books and journals written by our accomplished team of Master and Senior Trainers. Check out some of these resources, available on our site:

The Art of Kid Whispering: Reaching the Inside Kid
By Mark Freado and JC Chambers:
This book is designed to encourage and assist counselors, parents, teachers and youth workers. The reader will find a description of what is meant by the term “Kid Whipsering” as well as important assumptions. The reader is then guided through a discussion of critical concepts that will equip them to be more effective at understanding kid’s costumes, reaching beyond that costume, addressing the inside kid, appreciating the young person’s story and challenging youth to make more effective, positive choices.

Unwritten, The Story of a Living System
By Lori DeSautels & Michael McKnight
There’s never been a more chaotic and tenuous time in our nation’s educational story. Learning is the most natural thing human beings do. Yet, it seems the “harder” we work in schools helping our students to acquire the learning they need, the academic performances stay stagnant or lessen. Schools are not machines. Schools are a network of human beings who feel, think, behave, and function within a human system that is alive and never static. Schools are living systems! This system is wired to thrive, even through difficult times – Lori and Michael believe that we can begin to create wholeness and connection within our schools mindfully and by design. We can create places where all children thrive.

How to Be Angry: An Assertive Anger Expression Group Guide for Kids & Teens
By Signe Whitson
Children often struggle to cope with anger, and angry feelings can boil over into aggression and destructive behaviour. This resource takes a different approach to anger, teaching children how to be angry effectively, rather than telling them not to be angry at all.

This group program provides step-by-step guidelines for building anger management and assertive emotional expression skills through tailored lessons, group activities and thought-provoking discussions. Participants will learn specific skills such as:

· Using I-Statements
· Standing Up to Bullies
· Disagreeing without Arguing
· Making and Refusing Requests
· Responding to Anger
· Finding Win―Win Solutions

Suitable for use with children and teenagers aged 5 – 18, this engaging resource will help children to overcome self-destructive patterns of passive, aggressive, and passive aggressive behaviour. It will be of great use to educators, counselors, social workers, youth care professionals, psychologists and parents.

The Hopeful Brain
By Paul Baker & Meredith White McMahon
Over the past two decades, significant advancement has been made in understanding the role the brain plays in human behavior. Along with this new and exciting information emerges a responsibility for therapeutic professionals to have a solid understanding of the “brain basics” needed to support the lives of troubled children & youth. The Hopeful Brain authors provide a common-sense look at modern neuroscience and its application to positive youth development, psychology and educational support. Baker and White-McMahon take on the often daunting world of complex neuroscience and provide readers with practical strategies that are easy to use and apply across a variety of settings.

This book explores the importance of using strength-based interventions and creating structured opportunities to “reimburse” troubled children and youth with positive experiences that teach and transform.

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What Our Training Participants Say About Us

The class was wonderful. I use many of the strategies I have learned every day. It was very well presented and I really enjoyed being there. Most of all, the … Continued

Maria Girellini
Assistant Principal, PS 14R

I was [recently] able to complete the LCSI training with the WAREA. I felt I needed to take a few minutes and share my personal reaction to this experience. For … Continued

Jim Teagarden
Assistant Professor of Special Education, Counseling & Student Affair, Kansas State University

I see myself using it everyday with all of our students! Very helpful!

Brittany Potvin
Teacher's Assistant

I learned excellent skills on how to manage my anxieties and stress toward students as well as to work effectively with students in crisis. Very beneficial to my career as … Continued

Kim Engel
Vice President, Centennial School

I have been actively using the skills I’ve attained. I utilize the Timeline and continue to be reassured by its benefits. Students truly want someone to listen and the Timeline … Continued

Christine Dooley
Assistant Principal, NYC Dept. of Education

I will use this in my classroom. I think it will help me not to jump to conclusions but to stay focused on the students’ perspective.

Tonya Jesweak
Special Education Teacher

I am a teacher but also a foster mother of a 14-year-old girl. Just this morning I had an opportunity to put my new skills into place, with fabulous results. … Continued

Jane Scruggs
Arlington, VA

I am writing in order to inform you that your Life Space Crisis intervention Workshop is the most significant course that I have ever taken. It is simply awesome and … Continued

D. Bartee
General Education Teacher, New York City

This powerful video is a must for educators and youth professionals who seek an alternative to reactive, punitive approaches.

Larry Brendtro, Ph.D.
Reclaiming Youth International

Just what we needed in teacher preparation programs.

Patricia Gallagher, Ph.D.
University of Kansas Medical Center

…we are pleased to identify LSCI as a Best Practice Program for our staff at District 75 who have the task of re-educating these challenging students.

Susan Erber, Ph.D.

The Vermont Department of Education has adopted the Life Space Crisis Intervention Institute curriculum as a ‘Best Practice’ for Vermont schools in the area of student discipline and student climate.

Richard Boltax
Coordinator, Project Best

This Training was the most useful and most functional training session I have attended since I began teaching seven years ago. The information was relevant, the instructors knowledgeable, and the … Continued

Scott W.
Teacher, RTC School

I learned an entirely new way of working with kids and adults. Just learning and practicing the six stages of an LSCI was very helpful and my understanding of the … Continued

Participant in New Hampshire

This was the most informative, organized class I have taken. Some of the concepts were difficult at first, but examples and clips made them easier to understand. I think most … Continued

Participant, Wilder School

This is invaluable for me! This course needs to be required for anyone who will be working with children/students–especially in a public school setting. Effectively done, over time, using LSCI … Continued

Jim Gelinas
a Guidance Counselor from Rochester Middle School in New Hampshire

I’m a school counselor so I can see myself using this daily when debriefing and de-escalating students. I work with all types of kids and see the potential to use … Continued

Sarah Walker
School Counselor, Lincoln County School District, Toledo Jr/Sr High School, Albany, OR

This was the best class I’ve taken through RPS. The instructors gave great insight on how to work with students who are in crisis. I usually work in regular education … Continued

Kevin Wiest
Teacher, Rochester Public Schools

This is the best course I have had. This should be taught in all EBD undergraduate programs. This is more effective than 98% of my other courses or training.

Brian Buck
EBD Teacher, Hudson, WI

I came in with an attitude of “Ugh…another 5-day training” and I am leaving with “This is the best 5-day training I have ever had.” It will be the most … Continued

Dawn Wiggins
Teacher Assistant, Gerard Academy

I am so pleased to tell you this wonderful training has had a very positive effect in our schools. The staff members that were part of the training have told … Continued

Doris B. Flettrich
Special Education Supervisor, Pass Christian Public School District, Pass Christian, MS 39571