LSCI Training in Eastern Pennsylvania

Here’s what Ashley F., a Mental Health Technician from KidsPeace National Centers in Pennsylvania, had to say about her recent 1-day Introduction to LSCI training, led by Jessica Racine: Describe the significant learnings you are taking away from this course: I learned how to effectively listen during a Drain Off. How do you see yourself … Continued

New Mobile App Now Available from the LSCI Institute!

It’s here!! Now available, at your fingertips, the new mobile app from the LSCI Institute offering quick reminders of the key skills you need to connect with kids and turn crisis situations into learning opportunities. DOWNLOAD OUR FREE APP TODAY to gain access to: 1. The six stages of LSCI 2. Helpful phrases to use … Continued

First LSCI training in Asia!

u For the first time, LSCI was trained in Asia! I’ve had the privilege to be invited by Outward Bound Hong Kong, to train 10 of their staff from May 6th until the 10th, 2018. It was an amaizing learning opportunity for both sides, considering all the cultural differences. The group was highly motivated, engaged … Continued

Introduction to LSCI Training at KidsPeace National Centers

We had the pleasure of visiting at one of our National Training Sites today. Over 30 professionals from KidsPeace National Centers in Pennsylvania are completing the 1-day Introduction to LSCI course as part of their new employee orientation. To bring LSCI to your staff, visit or email

LSCI Training in Anchorage, Alaska

Congratulations to the professionals from Anchorage, AK who just completed LSCI Certification training with Master Trainer, Kelly Macon. Kelly is a highly acclaimed LSCI Trainer who always brings LSCI skills to life through her real-life experiences, stories, guidance and wisdom. Here’s some of what her participants had to say: “I will use LSCI daily with … Continued

Passive Aggressive Behavior in Children

Many of us have a love/hate relationship with all of the useless bits of information that can be found on Facebook. While the heat intensity of a friend’s coffee, the naughtiness of a a neighbor’s pet, or an endless series of alternative facts may not be worthy of our time, we keep scrolling on for the … Continued