New Online Training Opportunities Coming Soon!

Hello everyone! We are working hard to add new online content to our website, to meet your needs for high-quality, accessible professional development during the pandemic. COMING VERY SOON! 1. The Conflict Cycle Paradigm–a 1-hour training conducted by Bridget Walker, Ph.D. The Conflict Cycle is LSCI’s paradigm for explaining the escalating dynamics of conflict between … Continued

Brain-Based Strategies to Help Kids Manage Emotions

Earlier today, we had the pleasure of offering training based on Parenting the Challenging Child to a wonderfully dedicated group of foster & adoptive parents and professionals, through the Delaware Valley Adoption Council. Over 120 families tuned in, via Zoom, for the two-hour training event designed to help participants: 1. Cultivate more positive relationships with … Continued

LSCI Training Opportunities During COVID-19

The LSCI Institute continues to provide high-quality professional development and training programs for professionals and parents, even during this time of social distancing and stay-at-home orders. Please check out these opportunities and share them with colleagues who can benefit from training in the advanced skills of LSCI: Since 2014, the LSCI Institute has been offering … Continued

What Does Passive Aggression Sound Like?

We found this great video on YouTube–classic examples of passive aggressive phrases! Passive Aggressive Yoga Instructor If there’s a passive aggressive person in your life and you are looking for ways to understand, respond to, or change the behavior, check out our book and training programs.

Training for Foster & Adoptive Parents

We were so thrilled to read the news that Sesame Street has introduced a new muppet to its show, offering greater visibility to young people in foster care. Karli is a friend of the lovable character, Elmo, and is living with “for now” parents “until her mommy can take care of her again.” Check it … Continued

New LSCI Posters Now Available!

Recently, one of our certified Senior Trainers asked if the LSCI Institute had posters available that featured the six stages of LSCI and/or the six interventions. The answer then was “not yet” but the answer now is “Yes!” Please check out the two brand news posters we have available. Each is designed to offer you … Continued

LSCI Training in Vermont

We love to hear from our participants! Here’s what a Special Educator from Castleton Elementary School in Vermont had to say about her recent LSCI training: Describe the significant learnings you are taking away from this course: This course has really improved my interviewing and intervention skills. Before taking this course, I was stumbling through … Continued