LSCI Training in South Dakota

Congratulations to professionals in Huron, South Dakota who just completed the LSCI 401 Certification training with Danielle Theis! Here’s what our participants had to say about their experience: The training was great. I feel like I have more knowledge know and I can make better decisions. I will be able to help the student a … Continued

LSCI 2-day Training Completed at KidsPeace National Centers

The LSCI 201: Introduction to LSCI course offers a 1-day training in the foundational skills of LSCI, including brain-based, trauma-informed strategies for de-escalating problem situations with students and learning how to listen in ways that help kids talk through challenging situations. Here’s what professionals from KidsPeace had to say about their recent LSCI 201 training: … Continued

LSCI Training at the KidsPeace Institute

Here’s what professionals from KidsPeace National Centers in PA are saying about our 1-day Introduction to LSCI training: Describe the significant learnings you are taking away from this course: To stay calm and try to be understanding in these situations. I will utilize the skills to intervene if a crisis happens during one of my … Continued

First LSCI training in Asia!

u For the first time, LSCI was trained in Asia! I’ve had the privilege to be invited by Outward Bound Hong Kong, to train 10 of their staff from May 6th until the 10th, 2018. It was an amaizing learning opportunity for both sides, considering all the cultural differences. The group was highly motivated, engaged … Continued

“My interactions with students in crisis have already improved.”

An IEP teacher from New York City had this to say about her recent LSCI Certification training: Your comments about the Trainer(s): Trainers were excellent. They clearly presented the information and answered any questions. Describe the significant learnings you are taking away from this course: I feel my interactions with students in crisis have already … Continued

Feedback from EXCEL Academy in California

We love hearing from our training participants! Here’s what Milinda Taylor, Lead Behavior Management Assistant with the Shasta County Office of Education, EXCEL Academy had to say about LSCI Certification: Describe the significant learnings you are taking away from this course: Getting to the core of the issue. Loved the reclaiming interventions based on individual … Continued

Students Who Hate: Preventing School Violence

We love having the opportunity to share the great work of our Senior Trainers. Please check out the online journal, Thriving, provided by LSCI Master Trainer Mark Freado’s organization, Growing Edge Training. Please consider subscribing to the Journal and sharing it within your professional network. It offers consistently relevant, challenging, insightful, practical articles for guiding … Continued

“I love this course!”

Here’s what a teacher from Vermont had to say upon completion of LSCI training today: I have learned to work with the population in my school much better. I have learned to control my emotions when talking with children and better listen to their stories to understand how to help them. I love this course! … Continued

LSCI Training in Georgia, Pennsylvania and Texas

Professionals in Pennsylvania, Georgia and Texas completed LSCI Certification training today! Here’s what they are saying about their experience: Overall comments: I really enjoyed the class. I felt it was very helpful for my job working with kids. I highly recomment this course to all employees working at Kids Peace. I also feel this course … Continued