What Participants in West Virginia Say About LSCI Training

We love hearing from our training participants! Here’s what professionals in Beckley, West Virgina have to say about LSCI training: The classroom sessions were fantastic! Amazing! Best training I’ve ever been to about behavior–and I’ve been to a lot! I learned how to get kids talking and engage the logical part of their brain. Many … Continued

LSCI Supports Students’ Mental Health

Every child. Every day. This article, originally posted on NPR.org last Fall, is an excellent look at the role schools play in supporting the needs of young people–from traditional academic and learning needs to social, emotional, and mental health needs. We are first responders in so many ways; having excellent training to recognize and respond … Continued

LSCI with Hurt Children: A Red Flag Reclaiming Intervention Example

Ever wonder what LSCI really sounds like, when put into action with children and youth? Here’s your chance to “listen in” on a Red Flag intervention, conducted in Belgium by one of our Master Trainers, Gerrit deMoor. Life Space Crisis Intervention with Hurt Children: A Red Flag Reclaiming Intervention By: Gerrit deMoor, LSCI Master Trainer … Continued

Teachers & Snow Days

To all of our Mid-Atlantic & NorthEast USA colleagues who are getting a “Blizzard Break” from school this week:

LSCI’s Historical Roots

Did you know that the relationship-based, trauma-informed strategies of Life Space Crisis Intervention are deeply rooted in the work of some of our field’s greatest thinkers?  From Anna Freud, whose innovative theories revealed how young people manage anxieties to Fritz Redl and David Wineman who authored the groundbreaking text, Children Who Hate in 1951, LSCI’s … Continued

What Participants in Canada are Saying About LSCI Training

Here’s what professionals from the Wolf Creek Division School in Ponoka, Alberta, Canada are saying about their recent LSCI training with certified Senior Trainer, Rob Reid:   “The Trainer is so passionate about LSCI, making it easy to be engaged.  I loved it!” “Using the LSCI Conflict Cycle would be so useful for ALL staff!” … Continued

Passive Aggressive Behavior in Children

Many of us have a love/hate relationship with all of the useless bits of information that can be found on Facebook. While the heat intensity of a friend’s coffee, the naughtiness of a a neighbor’s pet, or an endless series of alternative facts may not be worthy of our time, we keep scrolling on for the … Continued

Great Ideas for Connecting with Hard-to-Like Students

LSCI is based on the belief that every young person has a story.  Using LSCI’s specific strategies and 6-stage process, trained adults facilitate the process of a child telling his/her story in such a way that he feels genuinely accepted and understood.  This, in turn, paves a path for lasting changes in perceptions, thoughts, feelings, … Continued