LSCI Certification Training in New Hampshire

Congratulations to the newest group of LSCI-certified professionals from New Hampshire that trained under Master Trainer, Eric Mann. We appreciate your feedback and enthusiasm for LSCI skills! Your comments about the Trainer(s): Eric was terrific. I enjoyed his sense of humor along with the challenge of learning new subject matter. Eric is a wealth of … Continued

Understanding Passive Aggressive Behavior

We love hearing from our readers! Today, we received this note from a reader who has just completed The Angry Smile: The New Psychological Study of Passive-Aggressive Behavior at Home, at School, in Marriage & Close Relationships, in the Workplace, and Online. I’ve truly enjoyed reading it and haven’t been able to put it down … Continued

Learn Skills to Verbally De-Escalate Students in Crisis

Did you know that the LSCI Institute now offers a 1-day Introductory Course? In this training, participants learn about the Conflict Cycle and how a thorough understanding of the dynamics of conflict can help adults turn problem situations into learning opportunities for young people. Here’s what Daniel Lavender, a Clinician from KidsPeace National Centers shared … Continued

We are LSCI Certified; What’s Your SuperPower?

Wim Hannsens, an LSCI Trainer from Belgium, recently shared these great images and feedback from LSCI training: DOCA LSCI Leuven feels proud Flemish Region · ‘We are LSCI certified! What’s your superpower?’ was a statement from one of the participants It was a gift to get started with such a dream team during these five … Continued

LSCI 201: Introduction to LSCI

The LSCI Institute now offers a 1-day training that provides an introduction to the foundational skills of LSCI, featuring training in the Conflict Cycle. Here’s what professionals from KidsPeace National Centers in Pennsylvania have to say about LSCI 201: Your comments about the Trainer(s): Oh my gosh, Jessica is a fabulous instructor!! Very articulate, very … Continued

LSCI Training in NYC and Pennsylvania

This month is just half over and already we’ve certified over 100 participants in the skills of LSCI. NYC Schools and KidsPeace National Centers in PA have been our most active training sites this September, offering both the full certification training course and our 2-day Talking with Students in Conflict. Here’s what participants from both … Continued

LSCI Training at Gerard Academy in Austin, MN

The LSCI Institute is so proud of the great work done being done to reach and teach young people. Please check out this video of what’s happening, including #LSCItraining, at Gerard Academy in Minnesota. To attend an LSCI training in the area, please contact Danielle Theis at

LSCI Refresher Training Programs

While certification in the skills of LSCI is a lifetime accreditation, many participants over the years have told us how valuable it is for them to formally review, discuss, and practice LSCI skills on a regular basis. The LSCI 402 course offers professionals the opportunity to do just that! The one-day, live LSCI Refresher Training … Continued

LSCI Training Prepares Educators for the New School Year

It has been a very busy summer for the LSCI Institute, as we help prepare educators, administrators, counselors, mental health professionals and youth workers from around the world for the 2017-18 school year. The LSCI Institute rolled out several new course formats this year, to better accommodate varied training schedules. We now offer 2-hour, 1-day … Continued