LSCI Training is a Trauma-Informed Approach to Helping Youth

LSCI training is a trauma-informed approach to connecting with young people and helping them make lasting changes in the perceptions, thoughts, and feelings that lead to troubling behaviors in their schools and communities.  Learn more about the relationship between trauma and behavior in this great post from the Center for Adolescent Studies:  Trauma and the … Continued

Preventing Conflict & CounterAggression in the Classroom

More than 80% of classroom problems are caused by 10% of students who challenge and undermine teacher authority. These students are skilled in frustrating adults and pushing the emotional buttons of even the most competent teachers. The LSCI Institute’s 1-day Turning Down the Heat course documents four of the most common reasons that teachers become … Continued

LSCI Is a Trauma-Informed Strategy for Work with Children & Youth

LSCI is a trauma-informed strategy that equips professionals and parents with skills to connect with young people who have endured traumatic experiences.  Each of the six LSCI interventions takes into account a young person’s patterned responses to traumatic events and offers adults specific insights into how to effectively reach and teach these kiddos.  To learn … Continued

The All-New Angry Smile Book is Available! Order NOW!

It’s here! The all-new Angry Smile book, featuring brand new chapters on passive aggressive behavior online and via social media, clear steps on how to confront and change passive aggressive behavior, and dozens of new, real-life examples directly from YOU, our training participants. Order your copy TODAY through the link below:

Welcome to the LSCI Institute’s New Website!

We are so glad you are here! After 9 years at the old, we thought it was time to update your customer experience.  Please take some time to check out these features: Learn all about LSCI Institute courses–both our live trainings and our online course offerings! Read about the all-new Angry Smile, the latest … Continued