Here’s What People in Pennsylvania Are Saying About LSCI Training

We love hearing from our participants! Here’s what professionals from Perseus House in Erie, PA had to say about their recent LSCI training, led by Paula Laughlin & John McGrath: “I plan on using these skills in almost all of my conversations with clients.” “John & Paula were patient, fun, and knowledgeable!” “I will use … Continued

An LSCI Reality Rub Reclaiming Intervention

By: Gerrit deMoor, LSCI Master Trainer Master Facilitator of the International Virtues Project MFC Sint-Gregorius, Belgium Life Space Crisis Intervention (LSCI) offers skills to constructively manage the emotions and stressors that overwhelm and disturb children and youth. In a former article (Verté & De Moor, 2013) we showed that it is important to use LSCI … Continued

Something I Can Do: An LSCI Conversation with a 5th Grade Student

When you’re six you want to impress your parents or teachers. A talent show is a daily occurrence for the kindergarten student. Directives like, “Mommy, watch this!” are ubiquitous reminders that learning is repeated practice that requires audience participation. “Cool! Can you do it again?” we as parents or teachers, say over and over, as … Continued

6 Tips for Confronting Passive Aggressive Behavior

Do you know someone who is overtly cooperative but covertly defiant? Do you live or work with a person who chronically procrastinates, carries out tasks with intentional inefficiency, or acts as if he or she is the victim of your impossibly high standards? If you know this feeling of being on an emotional roller coaster, … Continued

What Professionals in New Hampshire are Saying About LSCI Training

We love hearing from our training participants! Here’s what people in New Hampshire are saying about their recent LSCI training, offer by Senior Trainers Karen Turcotte and Alan LaBranche: “I will use this DAILY with all of the students I see.” (Awesome! They will appreciate your attuned listening and insight-oriented strategies.) “More staff members should … Continued

The Advanced Skills of LSCI are Available Online

Given the ever-increasing constraints on professionals’ time, travel, and continuing education funding, we offer the following LSCI courses as online trainings: Introduction to LSCI LSCI Refresher The Angry Smile Participants may complete these courses from work or home, on their own schedules, via our video-based modules, presented by LSCI Master Trainers. To learn more, click … Continued

Why Passive Aggressive Behavior Thrives in the Workplace

Confronting the behaviors of a passive-aggressive employee can be as easy as nailing Jello to a wall; count on the likelihood that a passive-aggressive individual will have a plausible explanation to justify any (and all) of his frustrating behaviors. Do you work in a passive aggressive workplace? This post from Psychology Today identifies 15 common … Continued