LSCI Conflict Cycle Poster, NEW and Updated for 2018!

Check out our re-designed, updated Conflict Cycle poster! Great for posting in classrooms, hallways, and offices to remind staff and students about the LSCI Conflict Cycle and the importance of understanding and ending escalating power struggles. Also effective for use with students and clients during LSCI interventions, to provide a concrete visual model of the … Continued

LSCI’s New 1-day Training Gets Praise in Pennsylvania

The LSCI Institute now offers training options in addition to it’s 5-day Certification program. Please visit us online to learn more about our: LSCI 101: 2-hour LSCI Overview training LSCI 201: 1-day Introduction to LSCI LSCI 301: 2-day Talking to Students in Conflict LSCI 401: 4-day Certification option Here’s what professionals from a recent LSCI … Continued

LSCI Certification Training in Sioux Falls, SD

You are invited! We have two upcoming LSCI Certification opportunities taking place in Sioux Falls, SD. Please visit our online calendar for details and information on how to register: ONLINE & LIVE EVENT: LIVE EVENT OVER FOUR FRIDAYS:

KidsPeace Staff Complete LSCI Certification

Congratulations to these six professionals from KidsPeace National Centers in Orefield, PA who just completed their LSCI certification! To learn more or register your staff for training, email

Upcoming LSCI Training Opportunity in Sioux Falls, SD

Dr. JC Chambers of Stronghold Counseling in Sioux Falls, SD is offering an LSCI training over a period of 4 days, one Friday a month. Dates: 2/16/18, 3/16/18, 4/20/18, 5/18/18 Hours: 8:30am-4:30pm Space is limited so please sign-up to reserve your spot. This training is approved for 30 NBCC clock / 30 SD NASW contact … Continued

Introduction to LSCI Training at KidsPeace National Centers

We had the pleasure of visiting at one of our National Training Sites today. Over 30 professionals from KidsPeace National Centers in Pennsylvania are completing the 1-day Introduction to LSCI course as part of their new employee orientation. To bring LSCI to your staff, visit or email

LSCI Training in Anchorage, Alaska

Congratulations to the professionals from Anchorage, AK who just completed LSCI Certification training with Master Trainer, Kelly Macon. Kelly is a highly acclaimed LSCI Trainer who always brings LSCI skills to life through her real-life experiences, stories, guidance and wisdom. Here’s some of what her participants had to say: “I will use LSCI daily with … Continued

LSCI Certification Training in New Hampshire

Congratulations to the newest group of LSCI-certified professionals from New Hampshire that trained under Master Trainer, Eric Mann. We appreciate your feedback and enthusiasm for LSCI skills! Your comments about the Trainer(s): Eric was terrific. I enjoyed his sense of humor along with the challenge of learning new subject matter. Eric is a wealth of … Continued

Understanding Passive Aggressive Behavior

We love hearing from our readers! Today, we received this note from a reader who has just completed The Angry Smile: The New Psychological Study of Passive-Aggressive Behavior at Home, at School, in Marriage & Close Relationships, in the Workplace, and Online. I’ve truly enjoyed reading it and haven’t been able to put it down … Continued