People in Georgia Are Talking About LSCI Training

Congratulations to LSCI Master Trainer, Andye Criste and the professionals from Clayton County Public Schools in GA for their recent completion of LSCI training and their great feedback: “I enjoyed Andye’s enthusiasm for LSCI. She was very thorough and provided excellent examples based on her experiences.” Describe the significant learnings you are taking away from … Continued

Participants Respond to LSCI’s Online Course

We love to hear from our training particpants! Here’s what a few recent attendees of our Online Introduction to LSCI shared with us about their training experience: “I enjoyed being able to do these modules at home on my time before meeting in person for the live training.” How do you see yourself using the … Continued

LSCI Training at River Bluff Education Center in Minnesota

We love hearing from our training participants! Here’s what professionals from River Bluff Education Center in Minnesota are saying about LSCI Certification training: “The training gave me great insight and first-hand experience into how students are feeling during times of conflict and crisis.” “I learned how to better listen and understand what students are going … Continued

4 New Formats Allow More Professionals to Become LSCI-Trained!

Ever wanted to complete LSCI Training but couldn’t manage the 5 days required for full certification? We’ve made some great changes at the LSCI Institute, including four all new formats for training, to make it easier for YOU and YOUR COLLEAGUES to benefit from learning the advanced skills of LSCI. Check out our new course … Continued

Troubleshooting the Online Courses

Hello LSCI Online Course Users, Your LSCI Online Course experience is designed to be user-friendly, engaging, and highly informative to your work with young people. We apologize for any difficulties you may encounter along the way. The basic guidelines below will help you resolve the majority of log in, access, and/or certificate issues: Basic Troubleshooting … Continued

Passive Aggressive Signs

Is there a person in your life who avoids direct communication and/or responds with sugarcoated hostility to any request? To understand and learn how to effectively respond to the passive aggressive person in your life, check out the LSCI Institute’s live and online trainings, based on the book The Angry Smile: The New Psychological Study … Continued

Here’s What People in Pennsylvania Are Saying About LSCI Training

We love hearing from our participants! Here’s what professionals from Perseus House in Erie, PA had to say about their recent LSCI training, led by Paula Laughlin & John McGrath: “I plan on using these skills in almost all of my conversations with clients.” “John & Paula were patient, fun, and knowledgeable!” “I will use … Continued

An LSCI Reality Rub Reclaiming Intervention

By: Gerrit deMoor, LSCI Master Trainer Master Facilitator of the International Virtues Project MFC Sint-Gregorius, Belgium Life Space Crisis Intervention (LSCI) offers skills to constructively manage the emotions and stressors that overwhelm and disturb children and youth. In a former article (Verté & De Moor, 2013) we showed that it is important to use LSCI … Continued