LSCI is trauma-informed care in action! Alex Cameron, Director of Clinical Services, Pressley Ridge

4 New Formats Allow More Professionals to Become LSCI-Trained!

Ever wanted to complete LSCI Training but couldn’t manage the 5 days required for full certification? We’ve made some great changes at the LSCI Institute, including four all new formats for training, to make it easier for YOU and YOUR COLLEAGUES to benefit from learning the advanced skills of LSCI.

Check out our new course options:

LSCI Overview: A 2-hour training designed to help administrators, decision-makers, and non-direct care staff understand LSCI as an effective, relationship-based, trauma-informed intervention that integrates easily with existing behavior management processes and programs. The LSCI Conflict Cycle is the central paradigm of this training.

Introduction to LSCI: This 1-day training teaches foundational skills related to the Differences in Psychological Worlds, the Dynamics of Conflict, and the Art of Listening. Participants will learn & practice the skills of Drain Off & Timeline.

Talking with Students in Conflict: This 2-day training teaches the foundational skills of LSCI along with full instruction in the Red Flag & Reality Rub interventions.

LSCI Certification: This is the full Certification course that the LSCI Institute has always been known for –now offered in either 4 or 5-day formats to give you greater flexibility.

To learn more about any of these formats and course options, please visit our Live Training page or contact Signe Whitson at