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Conflict CycleWelcome, professionals and parents! Here, you will find all of the basic information you need about the LSCI Certification Course, including course objectives, intended audiences, continuing education and graduate credit opportunities, and comments from participants.

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Who should take LSCI?

LSCI Training is for helping adults interested in turning crisis situations into learning opportunities for children and youth with chronic patterns of self-defeating behaviors.

Teachers, school personnel, social workers, counselors, youth care workers, administrators, psychologists, and any professionals in direct contact with troubled youth will gain from the advanced intervention skills offered in this course. It is particularly useful when team members are trained together. Certification in LSCI includes:

  • A five day intensive experience
  • Real life video sequences
  • Instructor-led modeling of intervention skills
  • Structured and small group activities
  • Realistic role play activities;
  • The text Life Space Crisis Intervention: Talking with Students in Conflict (Long, Wood, & Fecser; 2001)
  • A comprehensive manual covering the training and techniques.

Upon successful completion of the training, participants receive a Certificate of Competency in Life Space Crisis Intervention from the LSCI Institute.

How is the course structured?

The certification program consists of five days of intensive training during which you will read a textbook and training manual, participate in a good deal of practice, and pass both a written and practical exam to demonstrate knowledge and application of the skills. Successful completion results in a Certificate of Competency in LSCI from the LSCI Institute.

You will be guided carefully through the skills you need to successfully complete an LSCI Reclaiming Intervention. On one level we will provide intellectual learning. On the second level, you will see and hear crisis intervention on video tape, you will be involved in simulations and other small group tasks, and there will be modeling of the technique. The third level has to do with your skills--12 simulated role-plays, peer feedback, and self rating.

Our goal is to understand and use the Reclaiming skills of LSCI. We have found that many adults who work with troubled and troubling children and youth are not aware of how to use crisis as an opportunity for teaching and learning. Often students will say things or do things that take us by surprise; we freeze up and don't know how to respond. This is why LSCI is so powerful. LSCI training will give you a cognitive road map with clear outcome goals for your work with kids.

Course Objectives

At the conclusion of the course, participants will be able to:

  1. Articulate the dynamics of conflict cycles which lead to self-defeating behavior.
  2. Diagnose student thinking errors that interfere with communication and problem-solving.
  3. Identify and intervene effectively with the process of staff counter-aggression which precludes effective intervention
  4. Demonstrate effective de-escalation, decoding, and counseling strategies for youth in crisis.
    1. Differentially diagnose and practice interview techniques for these six common patterns of self-defeating behavior:
    2. Problems originating elsewhere in a child's ecology
    3. Problems rooted in a child's reality distortions
    4. Problems resulting from social skill deficits
    5. Problems related to negative peer influence
    6. Problems related to lack of prosocial values
    7. Problems of guilt and self-abusive behavior
  5. Match specific reclaiming interventions with each of the six patterns of self-defeating behavior
    Utilize a six-step sequence and specific communication skills for each reclaiming intervention
    Reflect on how certain problems of youth relate to the helper's own personality and values


Participants can cancel up to 48 hours* prior to the beginning of a training course and receive a refund, less the cost of materials and shipping. Cancellations made after this time or during the class are not eligible for a monetary refund. However, participants will be permitted to re-enroll in a subsequent LSCI training course and apply the full amount of their paid fees.

*Some National Training Sites may require more than 48 hours notice for cancellations and refunds. Please contact your individual Trainer/Training Site for details.


Any grievances regarding LSCI Training should be communicated directly to the LSCI Trainer(s) leading the course. If a grievance can not be resolved directly with the Trainer, it should be submitted in writing, using the standard course evaluation or sent via email to Participants will receive a direct response to their grievance.

Additional Information

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