Parents Division of the LSCI Institute

Course Information

Now, for the first time ever, the Life Space Crisis Intervention Institute is offering training to meet the unique needs and challenges of parents and caregivers. The LSCI Skills for Parents training:

  • Provides parents with specific skills for building positive relationships with kids
  • Encourages the use of preventative and non-physical crisis de-escalation strategies
  • Provides a framework for verbal crisis intervention that is consistent from situation to situation

Part 1: Conflict Prevention & De-Escalation
The Conflict Prevention & De-Escalation course presents foundational LSCI concepts such as the Conflict Cycleâ„¢, effective listening, crisis de-escalation, and "Timeline" skills through engaging activities and discussions that are relevant and accessible to parents and caregivers. Part 1 can be taught as a 1-day course or as a series of hour-long workshops.

Part 2: Managing Challenging Behaviors
The Managing Challenging Behaviors program identifies the six most common, chronic self-defeating patterns of behavior in kids and provides parents with a consistent 4-step process that helps families effectively address and modify each one. Part 2 of the curriculum is designed as an 8-session program, with one session dedicated to each of the six self-defeating patterns, along with an Introduction and Conclusion session.

To find an LSCI Skills for Parents Trainer in your area, please visit our Available Locations page or email to arrange to bring a Trainer to your area for groups of 10+.