How is the course structured?

The certification program consists of five days of intensive training during which you will read a textbook and training manual, participate in a good deal of practice, and pass both a written and practical exam to demonstrate knowledge and application of the skills. Successful completion results in a Certificate of Competency in LSCI from the LSCI Institute.

You will be guided carefully through the skills you need to successfully complete an LSCI Reclaiming Intervention. On one level we will provide intellectual learning. On the second level, you will see and hear crisis intervention on video tape, you will be involved in simulations and other small group tasks, and there will be modeling of the technique. The third level has to do with your skills--12 simulated role-plays, peer feedback, and self rating.

Our goal is to understand and use the Reclaiming skills of LSCI. We have found that many adults who work with troubled and troubling children and youth are not aware of how to use crisis as an opportunity for teaching and learning. Often students will say things or do things that take us by surprise; we freeze up and don’t know how to respond. This is why LSCI is so powerful. LSCI training will give you a cognitive road map with clear outcome goals for your work with kids.