How do the Online Training Courses Work?

  • The online Introduction to LSCI is a video-based course. Following the simple registration process (see link below), you will gain access to 11 training modules, each presented via video by Dr. Frank Fecser, Co-founder of the LSCI Institute. The course is not timed; participants are free to watch the modules on their own schedule, and may re-watch each module as often as desired. It is highly recommended that the modules are viewed sequentially, however, as the course information builds on itself from one module to the next.
  • Upon registration, you will be able to download the Participant's Manual for the Introduction to LSCI course. The manual provides the PowerPoint presentation, along with detailed handouts and journal articles that feature real-world LSCI examples.

  • Your registration and payment for the online Introduction to LSCI also includes a copy of the textbook Life Space Crisis Intervention: Talking with Students in Conflict. The book will automatically be sent to the address you list in your registration. You should receive the book in less than one week. You may begin to watch the video modules before the textbook arrives. The textbook will enhance your overall learning and will be instrumental for long term reference and retention of the LSCI course content. Likewise, the text will be cited repeatedly in Part 2 of the LSCI Certification.
  • Successful completion of Part 1: Introduction to LSCI is measured by a score of 90% or higher on a True/False exam. The exam becomes available for download after participants have watched all of the video modules. Only participants who pass the True/False exam will be eligible to go on to complete Part 2 of the LSCI course.
    • Upon registration, you may download the Introduction to LSCI Study Guide. The study guide consists of 67 statements related to the training course content. The True/False test will contain 50 of the statements, worded identically to the one on the study guide. You will be asked to indicate whether each statement is true or false, based on the information you learn from the video-based modules.
    • Participants may take the True/False test more than once.

Those who successfully complete Part 1 of the LSCI certification course are strongly encouraged to attend Part 2: The LSCI Reclaiming Interventions, a 3-day, live course that provides Trainer-led instruction on the remaining five LSCI reclaiming interventions. The live course offers extensive opportunities for interaction, role play, practice, and feedback on the process of using LSCI with emotionally and behaviorally challenged kids.