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From Conflict to Coping: Understanding the LSCI Conflict Cycle

The Conflict Cycle™ is LSCI's major paradigm for understanding the dynamics of escalating power struggles between adults and children. On the surface, the Conflict Cycle appears simple. Yet, its underlying concepts are complex and each individual component is important to fully comprehend in order for adults to understand how to prevent and de-escalate conflicts with kids.

From Conflict to Coping: Understanding the LSCI Conflict Cycle curriculum is used to train professionals to:

  1. Understand and recognize the dynamics of conflict and escalating power struggles between students and adults.
  2. Develop effective strategies to control counter-aggression and de-escalate conflicts with kids.

In this curriculum, participants will learn and practice specific skills for understanding—and breaking—Conflict Cycles with kids. The ultimate goal of The Conflict Cycle training is to help adults recognize their central role in making students feel safe and supported enough to choose to talk about their feelings rather than acting them out in self-defeating ways.

For more information or to find training in your area, please contact Signe Whitson at or click here to find a National Training site in your area.

The From Conflict to Coping: Understanding the LSCI Conflict Cycle curriculum is also available for purchase by schools and youth-serving organizations for use during in-service training. Please contact Signe for details.

The Angry Smile

The Angry Smile course is designed for anyone who lives, works, or interacts with a passive aggressive student and wants to better understand and manage the often-troubling dynamics.

The Angry Smile takes an in-depth look at the roots of passive aggressive behavior in children, exploring masked anger at five distinct and increasingly pathological levels. The course features the Passive Aggressive Conflict Cycle as well as eight specific skills that professionals (and anyone interacting with a passive aggressive person) can use to respond effectively to the troubling behavior.

The Angry Smile course trains participants in a six-step process for confronting and changing passive aggressive behaviors in the long-term, using extensive discussion, video examples, and role play.

The Angry Smile is a one-day course.

For more details and registration information for The Angry Smile course, please contact Signe Whitson at

Turning Down the Heat: Preventing Counter-Aggression and Conflict in the Classroom

80 % of classroom problems are caused by 10 % of students who challenge and undermine teacher authority.
These students are skilled in frustrating adults and pushing the emotional buttons of even the most competent teachers.

Most teachers are irritated by the behavior of select, challenging students. This is to be expected. Few teachers are trained to understand and acknowledge these normal counter-aggressive feelings. Problems develop when competent teachers stay angry at a student. When a conflict develops, teachers are less likely to perceive accurately, think clearly, and reason coherently. Though competent teachers rarely initiate conflicts with students, they often keep them alive though their unintended, counter-productive reactions.

Turning Down the Heat documents four of the most common reasons that teachers become counter-aggressive with select students. This unique training programs also offers specific skills to manage conflict in the classroom. Teachers will learn how to manage their counter-aggression when it is manageable, simmering, boiling and even when it boils over.

Turning Down the Heat is a unique opportunity and the missing piece of most professional training programs. This course is about you and not your students. It leads to powerful insights which will change the way you think and behave when you are angry.

For more information on Turning Down the Heat training opportunities in your area, please use the International Training Sites link to find an LSCI Trainer in your area, or contact Signe Whitson at to be connected with a Trainer who can bring the course to your organization for groups of 15+.

The LSCI Skills for Parents training

  • Provides parents with specific skills for building positive relationships with kids
  • Encourages the use of preventative and non-physical crisis de-escalation strategies
  • Provides a framework for verbal crisis intervention that is consistent from situation to situation

Part 1: Conflict Prevention & De-Escalation

The Conflict Prevention & De-Escalation course presents foundational LSCI concepts such as the Conflict Cycle™, effective listening, crisis de-escalation, and "Timeline" skills through engaging activities and discussions that are relevant and accessible to parents and caregivers. Part 1 can be taught as a 1-day course or as a series of hour-long workshops.

Part 2: Managing Challenging Behaviors

The Managing Challenging Behaviors program identifies the six most common, chronic self-defeating patterns of behavior in kids and provides parents with a consistent 4-step process that helps families effectively address and modify each one. Part 2 of the curriculum is designed as an 8-session program, with one session dedicated to each of the six self-defeating patterns, along with an Introduction and Conclusion session.

To find an LSCI Skills for Parents Trainer in your area, please visit our Available Locations page or email to arrange to bring a Trainer to your area for groups of 10+.

LSCI Refresher

The LSCI Refresher Course curriculum is designed for those who have successfully completed the certification course and who have already been using LSCI for at least six months. It is not intended as a preview or substitute for those who have not completed the certification course. The Refresher course will serve as a forum to discuss the highlights and challenges of implementing LSCI in the real-world and as a laboratory to practice and sharpen interviewing skills.

The Refresher Course curriculum begins with an overview of the self-defeating pattern of each Reclaiming Intervention along with a review of the Conflict Cycle and Timeline. Also included is a discussion about short term vs. long term RI's. Next, the course turns to a more detailed review of the RI's, including the central issue, process, and unique outcome goals for each. Participants are given extensive opportunities to role play and diagnose LSCI crisis situations.

For scheduling purposes, the Refresher Course is recommended as a one-day, 8-hour review of LSCI.

For more details on the Refresher Course, please contact Signe Whitson at

LSCI Group Curriculum

The eight-session LSCI Group Curriculum is designed to teach child and adolescent students and clients the basic concepts of Life Space Crisis Intervention. The Group Curriculum helps kids learn about self-defeating behaviors and how to avoid falling into these troublesome patterns.

The Group Curriculum is intended as a helpful tool for LSCI-certified professionals trying to integrate LSCI into their classrooms and therapeutic milieus and also as a tool for professionals who desire to run effective groups with clients.

The LSCI Group Curriculum Trainer's Manual walks group leaders step-by-step and session-by-session through eight unique aspects of LSCI for Kids. Trainers may use either the Children's Handbook or the Youth Handbook, depending on the writing and comprehension abilities of participants. A group leader may use both versions in a single group, since the basic activities are the same. However, leaders must use extra care in attending to slightly different sets of written responses.

Click here to read the results of a study conducted at the Northwest Village School in Plainview, CT on the use of the LSCI Group Curriculum with a group of students, ages 13-18.

For more details on the LSCI Group Curriculum, please contact Signe Whitson at

1-hour Review Sessions

The Life Space Crisis Intervention Review Sessions provide 12 step-by-step lesson plans, designed to refresh small groups of already-certified LSCI practitioners in selected concepts related to LSCI. Each one-hour curriculum includes a current article, case example, or handout based on a fundamental LSCI interview or skill. Participants are assigned to read the material and/or complete assigned questions either prior to or at the beginning of each session, then participate in a guided group discussion. Review sessions can be completed in any order.

LSCI Review Session topics include:

  • Choices in Managing Behavior
  • Cognitive Traps
  • Defense Mechanisms
  • Validating Responses
  • I‐Messages
  • Useful Phrases During an LSCI Interview
  • The Red Flag Reclaiming Intervention
  • The Reality Rub Reclaiming Intervention
  • The New Tools Reclaiming Intervention
  • The Symptom Estrangement Reclaiming Intervention
  • The Massaging Numb Values Reclaiming Intervention
  • The Manipulation of Body Boundaries Reclaiming Intervention

This item is available for purchase only to those who have completed the LSCI Certification course. To verify course completion, please enter the Coupon Code, provided by your LSCI Trainer, in the Comments Box in the ordering area of the LSCI Products section.

For more information on the LSCI Review Sessions, please contact Signe Whitson at


Online Course

Based on the thousands of course evaluations submitted each year by our course participants, we know that LSCI training is highly regarded as a valuable & enduring professional investment. We are also well aware, however, that making the commitment to spend 5+ days away from work and to spend funds on travel and lodging can be a daunting decision and one that keeps too many potential participants away from choosing LSCI training.

The LSCI Institute provides an alternative to the five days of live LSCI instruction; Part 1 of the LSCI Certification is available online!

Educators, Counselors, Psychologists, Social Workers, Youth Care Professionals, and Parents can learn advanced, therapeutic strategies for turning crisis situations into learning opportunities for children and youth with chronic patterns of self-defeating behaviors—all on their own schedule!

The online Introduction to LSCI is a video-based training that provides in-depth instruction in the fundamental skills of LSCI, including:

  • The differences in psychological worlds between helping adults and kids under stress
  • The impact of chronic stress and traumatic events in the lives of young people
  • The brain's role in driving repetitive and predictable patterns of self-defeating behavior

Helping kids bring language to emotion and gain insight into their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

  • The LSCI Conflict Cycle
  • Effective interviewing skills
  • The six most common patterns of self-defeating behavior
  • How to conduct a complete Red Flag reclaiming intervention

As part of the course, you will receive a copy of the textbook Life Space Crisis Intervention: Talking with Students in Conflict, as well as a downloadable course manual and study guide. 7 CEU's are provided to eligible licensed social workers and professional counselors, at no extra cost.

Participants may take the online Introduction to LSCI as a stand-alone option or may opt to continue on to attend the live, 3-day training that completes the LSCI Certification. Part 2: The LSCI Reclaiming Interventions, is a live course that provides Trainer-led instruction on the remaining five LSCI reclaiming interventions. The live course offers extensive opportunities for interaction, role play, practice, and feedback on the process of using LSCI with emotionally and behaviorally challenged kids.

For more information on the online Introduction to LSCI training, including registration information and pricing, please click here or contact Signe Whitson at