The Angry Smile: The Psychology of Passive-Aggressive Behavior in Families, Schools, and Workplaces – Second Edition

Learn the Powerful Skills of Benign Confrontation!

What is passive-aggressive behavior? The authors of this three-part book have studied the psychology of this behavior for over four decades in both clinical and educational settings. They offer real-world examples and empowering, practical strategies for working with or when confronted with individuals who exhibit any of the five levels of passive aggressiveness.

LSCI Group Curriculum

The eight-session LSCI Group Curriculum is designed to teach child and adolescent students and clients the basic concepts of Life Space Crisis Intervention. The social-emotional curriculum helps kids learn about self-defeating behaviors and how to avoid falling into these troublesome patterns.

The LSCI Group Curriculum is intended as a helpful tool for LSCI-certified professionals trying to integrate LSCI into their classrooms and therapeutic milieus and also as a tool for professionals who desire to run effective groups with clients.

The LSCI Group Curriculum Trainer's Manual walks group leaders step-by-step and session-by-session through eight unique aspects of LSCI for Kids. Trainers may use either the Group Handbook for Children or the Group Handbook for Youth, depending on the writing and comprehension abilities of participants.

  • The Group Handbook for Children is designed for participants with more limited capacity for self-reflection and/or writing skills.
  • The Group Handbook for Youth is designed for participants who are able to engage in some self-reflection and independent writing.

A special discount of $100 off of the regular price is offered to those who have completed the LSCI certification course. If you are currently registered for an LSCI training or plan to attend in the near future, please ask your LSCI Trainer for the special discount code and enter it at checkout.

Click here to read the results of a study conducted at the Northwest Village School in Plainview, CT on the use of the LSCI Group Curriculum with a group of students, ages 13-18.

Click here to view a sample chapter from the LSCI Group Curriculum

Please contact Signe Whitson at for questions about the use of the LSCI Group Curriculum.

Talking with Students in Conflict

Talking with Students in Conflict.

LSCI Water Bottles

Save water and your wallet by choosing to purchase your own re-usable 24 oz. LSCI Water Bottle. Made of BPA-free plastic. Dishwasher safe.

LSCI Mouse Pads

Keep the LSCI Conflict Cycle right at your fingertips all day long, with this rubber-backed, non-slip LSCI Mouse Pad. Measures 6" h x 7-3/4" w x 1/4" thick. Full color.

LSCI Poster

Poster illustrates the conflict cycle.